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Afghanistan has one of the slowest internet speeds in the world. Broadband connection is not available in everywhere and mobile data as a most used way to connect to the world is very expensive. Job search portals are very heavy and takes lots of time to load; therefore making it very hard and time-consuming for job seekers to find their dream job. To address this problem we launched Afghanistan's first speed optimized job search portal, with at least 15 times faster load time and maximum 200 kbs page size.

1248 Jobs in Afghanistan

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Kabul Ministry of Public Health 2020-03-02

Store Keeper

Zabul Sanayee Development Organization (SDO) 2020-02-25


Multiple City Ministry of Justice (MoJ) 2020-03-02

Data Management Officer

Kabul Aga Khan Agency for Habitat, Afghanistan 2020-03-01

Environment Specialist

Kabul Ministry Of Transport 2020-03-04

استاتید برای مکتب امید

Kabul International Foundation of Hope (IF Hope) 2020-03-30

Short Term Expert

Balkh GIZ-SEDEP GFA 2020-02-29

surgeon Specialist

Laghman HealthNet TPO 2020-02-29

Senior Manager Government Affairs

Kabul Roshan Telecom 2020-03-17

معلمین برای لیسه های روښان واقع کارته نو و تایمني

Kabul Rokhan Group 2020-03-10


Kabul DAI/ACEBA 2020-03-05

Finance Assistant

Helmand IRC (International Rescue Committee) 2020-02-26

کارمند جمع آوری اقساط زمین

Kabul Ministry of Industry and Commerce 2020-03-04

AFMIS Senior Financial Advisor/ Consultant

Multiple City Independent Directorate of Local Governance 2020-03-13

کارمند انتقال ملکیت زمین پارک های صنعتی

Kabul Ministry of Industry and Commerce 2020-03-04

Admin/Finance Assistant

Zabul Sanayee Development Organization (SDO) 2020-02-25

Finance Officer

Kabul Global Trust Construction Company 2020-02-25

عضو کرایه جات ریاست نواحی اول، دوم، سوم، چ

Kabul شاروالی کابل 2020-03-02

انجنیر سروی

Kabul Ministry of Industry and Commerce 2020-03-04

Administrative Assistant

Kunduz UNHCR 2020-03-03

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