Data Analyst and Reporting Specialist in Kabul

Job Location: Kabul
Nationality: National
Employment Type: Full Time
Category: Other
Salary: Project Base
No. Of Jobs: 1
Organization: WADAN
Experience: 4 Years
Contract Duration: Project Base
Gender: Male/Female
Education: Business Management, Public Administration, Project Management or Relevant
Closing Date: 2022-05-26

About WADAN:

Established in August 2002, The Welfare Association for the Development of Afghanistan (WADAN) is an indigenous NGO that envisions a peaceful, educated, drug free, democratic, developed and prosperous Afghanistan. Our mission is to advance the spread of democratic principles, development, social justice, human rights, and freedom; and to strengthen communities and local governance by promoting effective community and institutional development practices and drug control initiatives. For details please visit our website at

Job Description:

Job Summary

The Data Analyst and Reporting Specialist will work under the direct supervision of Programs Manager. The incumbent will be responsible for designing the survey, developing the survey questionnaire, oversight of the survey data collection process, management of enumerators, data entry, validation and quality control, data analysis and reporting.

The Data Analyst and Reporting Specialist is required to perform comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis using the available software (Microsoft Excel) in a professional manner. The incumbent will abide by report writing best practices, ensuring brevity and clarity of the report using the appropriate data visualization and summarization techniques.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Data Analyst and Reporting Specialist will be responsible to lead the entire survey data collection and analysis procedure with support from the Programs Manager. The incumbent of the position will be required to perform the following as well as any other tasks assigned by the Program Manager.

Survey Design

  • Develop the survey questionnaire.
  • Develop xls form for the questionnaire that is compatible with KOBO
  • Design the survey methodology and finalize with inputs from programs manager
  • Design appropriate data collection team structure and support the programs manager in recruiting the enumerators
  • Develop ToR for enumerators who will conduct surveys and collect data as required
  • Provide training to enumerators on the survey questionnaire and data collection ethics

Data collection

  • Provide support during the data collection process
  • Serve as focal point to the enumerators and manage the data collection team
  • Maintain a survey tracker and provide updates to the programs manager at the end of the day
  • Ensure data quality and perform data verification


Data Analysis and Report Writing

  • Download the dataset from KOBO and clean the data
  • Analyze the data using Microsoft Excel
  • Draft the narrative report of the survey using appropriate data summarization and visualization techniques
  • Share the report with program manager along with the data analyses excel sheet. The Programs manager will provide his feedback and share with other stakeholders to solicit their feedback
  • Address the comments and finalize the report in light of the feedback received


  • Present the main findings of the survey to WADAN leadership
  • Disseminate the report to the appropriate stakeholders

Job Requirements:

  • At least bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Public Administration, Project Management or Relevant. Master’s degree preferred.
  • at least 4 years Experience working in the development and humanitarian sector in Afghanistan
  • Knowledge of the Afghan culture and the current context
  • Knowledge of using Microsoft Excel for data analysis
  • Efficient writing skills as the incumbent of the position is required to write a comprehensive survey report
  • Ability to work independently with less supervision from the supervisor.
  • Experience in providing trainings in M&E/Data collection
  • Experience in leading teams
  • Willingness to travel to project sites
  • Fluent in Pashto, Dari and English

Submission Guideline:

The successful applicant will undergo a Security check and Reference check and agree to read and sign WADAN’s code of conduct. The applicant will read, understand and practice WADAN’s Policies including the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.  

Applicants can apply through email only. 

Please mention the Position, Vacancy No. and Province in the subject line of the email otherwise your application will not be considered.

Submission Email:

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