Honeybee Management Specialist in Wardak

Job Location: Wardak
Nationality: National
Employment Type: Full Time
Category: Agriculture
Salary: As per organization scale salary
No. Of Jobs: 1
Organization: DAI/AVC-Livestock
Experience: 3 years
Contract Duration: Short Term
Gender: Male/Female
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in animal science or Veterinary
Closing Date: 2021-12-06

About DAI/AVC-Livestock:

The Afghanistan Value Chains – Livestock (AVC-Livestock) is a USAID funded program expected to run through June 2023. AVC-Livestock utilizes a market systems approach to strengthen and facilitate key transactions at either end of the farmer in targeted value chains - the commercial vendors of the goods and services that farmers need to grow higher volumes of quality produce, and the processors and traders who purchase farmers’ harvests. AVC-Livestock is a market-driven, private sector-focused program that aims to sustainably strengthen the dairy, poultry, honey, red meat, fiber and fish value chains throughout Afghanistan resulting in increased incomes, employment and productivity throughout targeted value chains.

Faridullah Afzali Beekeeping is an Afghan-owned honey production and processing company, the firm is located in Maidan Wardak Province, and it is one of the businesses which is under the AVC-Livestock partnership agreements. The same as other beekeepers this business also facing challenges with the bee disease and pest’s management. Also, due to seasonal the firm like other honeybee farmers is facing challenges with the bee disease and pest’s management. Meanwhile, new methods in honey collections and process, queen bee raring, beehives management, bee feeding, and overall management of the honeybee farms has been introduced to the bee farming business. Afghanistan bee farmers have less access to the updated knowledge and are less aware of the new techniques of honeybee management. AVC-Livestock plans to hire a honeybee specialist to work with Faridullah Afzali Beekeeping build the capacity of the firm with the new knowledge and technology of honeybee farm management.

Job Description:

The Honeybee Management Specialist will provide theoretical and practical trainings to the AVC-Livestock partner firm, Faridullah Afzali Beekeeping. This15-day training will cover the most important topics including honeybee disease and pest diagnoses, control and treatment, beekeeping management in four seasons, proper and timely use of bee medicines, bee swarming management, techniques of royal jelly collection and processing, pollen and propolis collection practices, queen bee rearing techniques and linking of orchard farmers to beekeepers for fruits and crops pollination.


Tasks include, but not limited to the following:

  • Conduct a quick assessment of the company capacity, resources, market and other beekeeping related factors.
  • Make a comprehensive training package on honeybee management to the company technical staffs.
  • Train the firm technical staffs on hiving and swarming.
  • conduct training sessions to the firm technical staffs on diagnosing, control and treatment protozoon, bacterial, viral diseases and bee mites.
  • Train the firm technical staff members on honeybee nutrition including proper usage and application of drugs.
  • Build the capacity of firm technical staff’s methods for rearing the queen bee practices.
  • Build the capacity of firm technical staffs proper and safe use of medicines to avoid contamination of honey,
  • Build the capacity of firm technical staffs on process of collection pollen.
  • Build the capacity of firm technical staffs on methods of Royal Jelly collection.
  • Build the capacity of firm technical staff’s method of propolis collection.
  • Build the capacity of firm technical staffs that how convince the farmers for plants pollination.
  • All training shall comply with all applicable health and safety measures and safety standards regarding Covid-19, including social distancing, approved and safely used disinfectants and use of PPE.
  • The trainer shall develop training material for the safe use of Oxalic and formic acids and conduct a safety training for the oxalic and formic acids
  • Deliver final presentation to the AVC-Livestock technical team on assignment achievements.
  • Other duties as assigned by the COP or designee

Job Requirements:

  • A university degree in Animal science or Animal Health (MSc levels will be given priority).
  • At least 3 years of work experience in the field of honeybee management
  • Previous experience in conducting assessments and trainings.
  • Excellent analytical, communication and report writing skills.
  • Good computer and presentation skills.

Fluency in Pashto/Dari and English

Submission Guideline:

To apply for this position, please submit your resume and cover letter, with the position name and the Job Location ( Honeybee Management Specialist-Province Name) in the subject line, by email to AVCLivestock@dai.com (mailto:AVCLivestock@dai.com).
To apply for any AVCL vacancies, please make sure you put the title and the Job Location on the subject of your email, or your application will be
disregarded by the system.
Please note that applications received after the closing date and without Subject line will not be given considerations. Only shortlisted candidates
whose applications responds to the above criteria will be contacted for test/interview.

Submission Email:


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