Project Officer in Kabul

Job Location: Kabul
Nationality: National
Employment Type: Full Time
Category: Other
Salary: As per organization salary scale
No. Of Jobs: 1
Organization: Resilience Environment and Humanitarian Aid Organization (REHA)
Experience: At least 3 years
Contract Duration: 23 months
Gender: Male/Female
Education: Bachelor or Higher degrees.
Closing Date: 2024-06-24

About Resilience Environment and Humanitarian Aid Organization (REHA):

Resilience, Environment, and Humanitarian Aid (REHA) is a transformative non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to empowering communities and safeguarding the planet. Officially registered with the Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan, REHA is a specialized entity dedicated to driving positive change in building the resilience.

At the heart of REHA's mission lies a steadfast dedication to environmental protection, climate change resilience and adaptation, and disaster risk reduction. Through a comprehensive and innovative approach, the organization tackles these complex challenges head-on, blending "hard" and "soft" interventions to deliver tangible impact.

REHA's "hard interventions" manifest as robust infrastructure development, cutting-edge engineering solutions, and strategic physical projects that mitigate the effects of climate change and environmental hazards. Complementing these tangible actions, the organization's "soft interventions" empower communities through capacity-building initiatives, knowledge sharing, awareness campaigns, advocacy efforts, and policy development.

At REHA, the future is not something to be merely observed, but actively shaped. Through its groundbreaking initiatives and collaborative partnerships, the organization is fortifying the foundations of a world where resilience, environmental harmony, and humanitarian aid converge to create a brighter, more secure tomorrow for all.

About the Project

REHA is implementing the “Engagement and Collaboration for Climate Action (ECCA)” project, which for two years. The overall goal of the project is to enhance engagement, collaboration and capacities among key stakeholders involved in climate change action in Afghanistan.

The project adopts a comprehensive geographic coverage approach, encompassing both national-level interventions and activities targeting specific regions and provinces in Afghanistan. At the national level it will be focusing on technical support and development, capacity building and knowledge-sharing to address issues at a broader scale. While at the provincial level it will be focusing on activities such as community resilience building, assessments, development of provincial adaptation plans and other localized initiatives to address community-level vulnerabilities and risks. 

Therefore, REHA recruits a qualified project officer to take the responsibility for project related activities within a qualified team of the organization.

Job Description:

This individual works under the leadership of the program manager and other seniors of the organization, and his/her specific tasks, duties and responsibilities are as follows.

  • Ensure overall management, administration and supervision/monitoring of the project on a timely basis.
  • Draft, outline and develop project implementation quarterly and annual plans as well as weekly, monthly and annual action plans and reports.
  • Assist the assessment, capacity building and adaptation plans development teams with event management, meetings, reporting, planning and monitoring activities.
  • Coordinate and communicate with relevant project stakeholders such as line ministries, project team of the donor, project team in REHA and others, as well as organize project team meetings, senior management meetings and staff meetings.
  • Draft and develop technical operational and project progress reports in line with the donor requirements and reporting calendar and submit in a timely manner to the relevant channels.
  • Lead and support project team in provincial missions including coordination, approvals, planning, reporting, and logistics.
  • Work closely with finance team for developing project financial planning and reporting including project budget utilization, planned and actual expenditures, and revision of plans.
  • Work closely with HR team in new recruitments, assessment, interviews, and mid-term and annual appraisals.
  • Ensure an appropriate recording of all data, information, reports and plans through a standard filling system.
  • Representation and attending relevant donors, coordination and technical meetings within the organization and with external stakeholders.
  • Ensure monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning exercises and keep recording of success stories, case studies and lessons learnt during the project implementation to ensure knowledge sharing.
  • Support REHA and project team in developing new concept notes and proposals and fundraising efforts for securing funding and scaling up the project beyond its closure.
  • Provide technical input in the training, capacity building programs and other project related activities and exercises, while appropriate and beneficial through feedback, presentations and ideas.
  • Fulfil any other assignment given by supervisors.

Job Requirements:

  • Master’s/bachelor’s degree in public administration, economics and management, environmental sciences/management, climate change, natural resources management or related fields.
  • Minimum 3-5 years of experience with national and international organizations in projects management and proposal development.
  • Strong English, Pashto and Dari, both written and spoken skills.
  • Effective coordination and communication skills
  • Strong report writing and translation skills in English, Pashto and Dari.
  • Proactive and independent approach to work under pressure, ability to maintain positive working relationships and willingness to undertake additional responsibilities.

Submission Guideline:

  • Qualified applicants who meet the required criteria and possess the necessary skills are highly encouraged to apply. Please send your Cover letter + CV to the email address Be sure to include the vacancy number REHA-HR-24-001 in the email subject line.
  • Upon deadline completion, REHA recruitment committee review all applications and shortlist qualified applicants for the next steps of the recruitment process.
  • REHA is committed to promoting diversity as well as ensuring an equal employment opportunity for each applicant candidate, regardless of their age, color, race, religion, disability, gender or ethnicity among others.
  • REHA is committed to ensure equal employment opportunities for both male and female, and we encourage females to apply.
  • REHA has zero-level tolerance towards any type and scale of discrimination including sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, corruption and any other misconduct and misbehavior.
  • REHA as an environmental organization strictly adheres to environmental protection principles and makes every effort to ensure its carbon footprint at the least possible level and encourage others as well to respect this policy.
  • REHA is committed towards a transparent, open and fair recruitment process.


Submission Email:

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